The Importance Of Characters In Richard Wright's Native Son

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Great writers create great characters. In the novel Native Son, Richard Wright created a distinct character named Bigger who is a poor black man who lives on the south side. Bigger accidentally kills a famous white female and he kills his girlfriend Bessie. Bigger later becomes persecuted by the police and sent to jail. At the end of the trial, Bigger is sentenced to death. Analyzing John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and O.J. Simpson will describe that Bigger could exist in real life. John Wayne Gacy was born in 1942 in Chicago and was a charming, likable, and family man. Gacy was a well-known and respectable man who portrayed as a clown during birthday parties, but no one knew what he was hiding underneath his mask. Gacy grew …show more content…
Ted Bundy was born in 1946 in Burlington, Vermont. Bundy was described as a charming, young, and intelligent man. Using these traits allowed him to get close to his victims so he could commit his crimes and murders. Bundy would go after women, especially women who looked like his ex-girlfriend. Bundy became depressed about his recent break-up that he decided to kill every woman that looked like his previous girlfriend. Bundy would go after girls who had dark, medium sized hair, and that had a middle part. Bundy tended to be on college campuses or near them so he could lure his victims. He would wear a fake cast on his arm or leg and asked young girls with those characteristics to carry him to his car. Many girls did not believe he was a dangerous person or a psychopath, but helping this man was many girls downfalls. When the girls would be in his car or leaning in, Bundy would strike them in the head to knock them unconscious and he would handcuff them. When Bundy had the girls under his control he would rape them and/or murder them by strangling and mutilating them. If their heads fell off, he would hang them in his apartment and slept with their corpses until the smell became unbearable. Bundy’s first arrest was in Utah but he was able to escape and continue killing. The second and final arrest was on February 15, 1978 when he was stopped for a traffic violation in Florida. While in custody Bundy confessed to thirty murders, although no one knows the exact number of his victims. He was sentenced to execution and was executed in 1989. Ted Bundy could be considered a real life Bigger because he both raped and killed women. The reader does not know exactly how many women, Bigger raped and killed in his past, but it is known he had done it before. Bundy could be described as worse than Bigger. Bundy had targets to kill and he has a special way to attract

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