Technology Essay

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“Technologies have become ubiquitous in our everyday lives,leaving very few sectors untouched.”(Nelson,2001,p.4)It transforms the way people communicate. It has a significant influence on people and society.There is no denying that it brings convenience to people,such as easy to keep touch with each other,finding old friends and make new friends.These are technological breakthroughs, but these also create disastrous effect on people and society,like reducing face-to-face communication,being lazier etc. Nowadays,the way of communication is multifarious .The Internet becomes the main way of communication.There were only two choice for people to communicate with each other——“One was to personally take the trouble to travel to their …show more content…
However,technology reduce face-to-face communication. It is not enough for people to communicate only through the Internet or telecommunications.This kind of communication lacks emotion and sense. It discourages real interaction.With time passed,it makes people be strange and unfriendly.It is not a good situation for society.In terms of dinner parties,everyone almost chats online rather than talks to the person who is facing to you.And even once they receive a message,the conversation will be interrupted immediately.That’s absolutely embraced and disappointed. What’s more,people become lazier and lazier.They spend a lot of time on their mobile and Internet.They hardly go outside with their friends anymore.Similarly, don’t take part in any activities. It’s totally incredible.How lazy people are!This has caused great harm to people’s healthy. Seriously,the quantities of death is sharply increasing every year.Lacking of sports is one of the main reasons. Technology is damaging people’s life.They should get rid of this bad habit. The world needs technology,technology leads to development.But people shouldn’t be over-reliant on technology. It narrows the gap between people ,it widens the gap between people as well.It provides the convenience to people,whereas it also damage people’s health. How Has Technology Affected Your

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