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Modern Technological Devices





Outline 1. Introduction 2. Body 3. Conclusion

Modern technology is a product of an advanced old technology. It involves advanced communication and transport system. The current world has undergone diverse technological changes that have led to both positive and negative contributions to individuals’ lives. However, I agree that modern technological elements have contributed immensely towards making individuals’ lives easier than in the past because they have led to expansion of business transactions, increased social media marketing, and advanced the quality of education offered in schools. Modern technological elements have helped in the reduction of
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Modern communication elements such as mobile phones and social networking sites such as twitter and face-book make individual’s lives easier. These devices have managed to convert the whole world into a small village; an individual in Britain easily and quickly communicate with another individual residing in Zimbabwe Africa. Communication in diverse offices has also been enhanced by the advanced communication technology. In addition, modern technological elements contribute to high rate of globalization (Higgs et al, 101). They have led to the unification of the whole world into one entity that share common economic aspects; in addition to current technological devices contributing to easy communication, they also play significant role in reducing the differences that exist between individuals from different geographical areas, thus promoting business transactions. In addition to increasing the rate of trading activity, the advancement of internet technology has also made trading activities easier and reliable. With the presence of the internet, individuals from different localities in the world carry out their business activities easily. For instance, people book travelling tickets from their respective homes without problems. Additionally, online facilities also play significant roles in payment of bills; most people pay their bills from their respective areas. The invention of ATM

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