Technology Plays In Education Essay

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The Role Technology Plays In Education
In today’s world, with the help of technology, students can obtain a visual and mental understanding of what they’re learning. Technology is better understood in this generation because of the improvements it has created and the well known scientists that have changed the world’s knowledge. Some students can take the visualization from learning and comprehend a subject easier. Where on the other hand, some students don’t need the aspect of visualization to help comprehend. Some teachers are opposed to using technology in their classrooms but other use it every day to better their students education. This paper will prove that technology advances and enhances comprehension in academic settings. As technology
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Using technology in education will educate not only the students but for teachers as well. AACN Explores wrote an article about technology usage in education and said, “the study of technology is to unravel the perceptions of important stakeholders on the use of tablet devices in secondary education.” Although technology with tablet devices is said to be used in “secondary education”, it is a first educational resource for children who look at learning with technology easier and better to comprehend. Learning can be difficult for many children, some kids struggle from learning disabilities that impact their knowledge and slow their ideas from functioning fast. Dyslexia is “a learning disorder difficulty in reading.” Up to 80% of people with reading difficulties are later diagnosed with dyslexia. Using technology can help people with dyslexia learn to their own advantage, it can provide a huge sense of acknowledgement in their lives and can make them feel like they can learn to their …show more content…
As a student, it has a bigger effect. Going to school everyday and being with friends is more distracting than you hope but your teachers are there to make sure you focus and achieve. Some teachers allow the use of technology which is known to have a huge impact on students. It can be a major distraction to a student but it can also be a key way to help a student progress in learning. Technology shows you visual imagery such as videos and photos about a subject from the past, for example: World War images or inspirational MLK videos. In math, we use technology for a website Khan Academy for incite on math problems or help studying a day before a test. Teachers of every subject all have different views on technology. A major distraction or a major way of comprehension? Is a major thought that run through many teachers everyday lives. Other teachers who don’t believe in technology sometimes agree with it because of the superiors opinion on the subject in order to please the ones in charge. The main goal of every teacher needs to be that their students comprehend to the best of their abilities and grasp a sense of acknowledgement. If teachers would use technology they would see that it is a major benefit to those learning. Test experiments let teachers see for themselves that new forms can be a waste of time or it can be beneficial. We as students do have an opinion about technology and we can bring up ideas to change the way we

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