Technology Plan Essay

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As educational organizations, especially those concerned with primary and secondary grade levels, continue to increase technology based learning applications into the student’s everyday academic careers, creating the opportunity for parents, families, and guardians have closer involvement with the student’s classroom, and for all educators and administrators to have better communication about individual instructor’s schoolrooms and lessons teachers are taking to the internet and creating classroom websites to services these needs. It is important for one to remember “It is not about the technology; it’s about sharing knowledge and information, communicating efficiently, building learning communities and creating a culture of …show more content…
This allows for the instructor to develop their role as facilitator and devote time assisting individual student’s needs (Effects, n.d.). By establishing a classroom where self-actualization is the new order creates an environment where communication among the students in the class or in another student in the same grade in the school or around the country, and with their instructor when they are not in school but are working on assignments. “One important element within a student-teacher relationship is out-of-class communication and when levels of out-of class communication increase, so will student learning” (Dobransky, N.D. and FrymierA.B., 2004). Feedback from teachers to individual students is a key to success in a pupil’s scholastic career. One very effective way to present this pertinent information to the student privately and because so much of the work they submit will be on the computer is through the creation of Individual Podcasts. The essential expectation here is that the child will find a greater sense of accomplishment from hearing their instructor’s voice and comments that they will be inherit a deeper motivation to continue with improving upon their work from such a personalized critique instead of simply reading comments in red on copies of their work but the two should be used together for best results (Wessling, 2014). Effective communication is extremely necessary in today’s schoolroom.

The safety and security of student’s

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