Technology Is Taking A Turn For The Worse Essay

1424 Words Apr 3rd, 2016 null Page
Over the last few decades, technology has advanced and continuously changed the way individuals contribute to society. From flip phones to smart phones, desktop computers to tablets, the advancements in these devices not only save us time in our day to day lives, they are also the reason we forget to acknowledge the non-technical objects that still surround us. Books, shopping carts and clocks have been replaced by iPods, touch screen watches and the “click to checkout” button. Most children now grow up learning how to swipe to unlock a tablet, before they learn how to grab and throw a ball. Keeping up with all the new kinds of technologies that are released every year consumes plenty of time and energy from the average individual. They demand endless attention from us and these gadgets are the reason contemporary society is taking a turn for the worse. Marshall McLuhan was a philosopher of communication theory and Walter J Ong was one of his “most successful and well-known students” (McCarron). Throughout their lives, they were criticized for their work being a form of technological determinism, which was the argument that “their work was based on the premise that social, cultural, and psychological changes were a direct result of changes in technology” (McCarron). A couple of the famous arguments that were considered determinist include the argument that the book encourages privacy and individualism, and the automobile, by making everyone mobile, had the effect of…

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