The Impact Of Technology On American Society

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Technology may not be as spectacular as shown in current GEICO tv ads, but technology, even though a very large subject can be broken down into areas, all related to previous inventions. The history of technology in our country reaches years back and is a history that is ever-changing. Technology has had a huge impact on American society, experienced by practically every US citizen, from its beginning to the present.
- In the space age, scientists and researchers introduced the calculator, a device that forever changed computing and working with numbers (Fuller, R Buckminster, P. 339). Space exploration advanced technology a great deal. Satellites are launched regularly to provide many services and data. The United States Agency NASA is responsible
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339). They were huge machines, full of gears, belts, shifts, and levers. Those awkward machines led to the first digital computers that stored numbers electronically, experimented with by a Harvard professor and mathematicians. Two years later scientists at the University of Pennsylvania built the first fully-electronic computer, used by industry to mass-produce, (Fuller G , R Buckminster, P. 339). They evolved quickly during the 1940s and were used by the military and planes (Fuller G , R Buckminster, P. 339). The development of the transistor made the computer more refined by not relying on tubes within the devices and other hardware. From the 1950s on, transistor use improved the computers a great deal as well as software programs. (Fuller G , R Buckminster, P. 342). An American woman, Grace Hopper made great strides in computer programming, working for the navy and several large companies. (Fuller G , R Buckminster, P. 343).
Some of the major Apollo space programs were developed by African American mathematician. She added to the work of Hoppers manuals. She had worked for NASA and IBM. Women still make great computer scientists in modern
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Hackers are people with exceptional knowledge about software; they can change medical records, payrolls, military intelligence, and perform illegal, and dangerous activities (Wright, D, P 46). Even bank robberies have happened due to hacking. Some crimes can even affect foreign policy; people can sell information to the Soviet Union. With the computer technology often comes the loss of privacy for peoples whose names are in computerized data banks. The future of technology holds much to look forward to, even with all the negative aspects for example, soon there will be a watch like device, which one can enter a message through (Wright, D P 52). Costs stop the widespread use of such a device for now. But computers are here to stay. They explore areas of space where we cannot go. Recently, discoveries were made, regarding another universe through the Hubble telescope. Computers guide the hands of skilled brain surgeons, as revealed through experimentation in the 1990s (Wright, D, Pp 36-7). In fact a former Catlin High School graduate, Doctor Brent Tyler is a computer surgeon who lives and works in Alaska. People behind all of these computer “miracles” are the

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