Technology Is Killing Critical Skills Essay

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Critical thinking is a self-guided, self-disciplined thinking which attempt to do reason at higher level quality in a fair minded way. It allow the thinker to improve the quality of his or her thinking by skillful analyze, assess and reconstruction. But here the question is, Does technology is killing the critical thinking skills? In other words, the improved technology of the modern world had any impact on the way people think. According to my reading and research, I agree with Alfred Thompson as technology did have negative impact on the critical thinking.
In the article “Technology Killing Critical Skills”, I think Helen Crompton had presented a better and strong arguments. Firstly, I like the way she started her writing by explaining about critical thinking and how technology help students to improve them. Secondly, the points she made had a strong research background which make us think deeply through them. Finally, the way she concluded her writing was amazing. She guide the readers to integrate technology and education and teach students to be critical thinkers through their use.
In my belief, I agree with Alfred Thompson that technology did have negative impact on the way we think. I totally agree with his point that technology is reducing student’s ability to think, comprehend and retain information. It is hindering the ability of students to analyze topic, deliberate and critically think. Partica Greenfield, UCLA distinguishes professor of Psychology and director…

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