Technology Is Everywhere Essay

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Technology Is Everywhere From the early ages, mankind has always had a way to develop and update pre-existing technologies in hope that they will revolutionized our ways of living our daily lives . We live in a world where things are constantly changing and in order for us to keep up it is a natural instinct or desire that we as humans have to keep developing technologies to test the limits of how much safer and more efficient we can make our lives become. In Jared Diamond’s text, “Guns, Germs and Steel” he gives us insight on the technologies that have changed our world to what it is today and why they are thought of as revolutionary. In his text he discusses many topics ranging from the adaptation of culture to the importance of food production. …show more content…
To some it may mean to make an impact through rebellion, but when the context of technology is brought to light, the word “revolutionary” changes to something that is impactful in a more positive diction. Just like how the word “revolution” can be interpreted in different way, it is the same case when it comes to defining technology. Technology can come in many different forms but one thing they all have one common goal of being used for practical purposes. There are technologies that can be tangible and intangible. An example of a tangible technology can range from the simplest things like a fire or a magnifying glass to more complex things like a touchscreen wrist watch that does more than tell time. An example of an intangible technology would be computer software--i.e apple software iCloud--that allows us to backup your information to a wireless storage unit of some sort. No matter how big, small, tangible, or intangible a technology may be they all affect society because each invention takes part in a chain reaction that brings together all the technologies before it, to create a better and more efficient product that takes our lives as human beings to a whole new level. These technologies can be seen as revolutionary because of the affect they have on the rest of society and the impact they leave

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