Technology Is Destroying Jobs? Essay

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Technology is Destroying Jobs
With the evolution of technology, jobs are getting destroyed and humans are rapidly being replaced by mechanical machines and mechanical minds. However, technological unemployment was not always an issue. In fact, advanced technology has played a significant role in the reduction of human labor and the production of food for the masses. For example, with the invention of the first tractor, farming was made more feasible and efficient. Furthermore, decades later humanity has created more advanced technologies, including robots, computers, and a variety of other automated systems to further facilitate tasks and to develop a higher standard of living. Thus, it is evident that technology has shaped our way of life in positive ways. However, with the development of sophisticated technology, humans have begun to notice economic stagnation and a reduction in the amount of human-required jobs. Despite the positive role technology has had on humanity, it can be argued that the development of advanced technology should be regulated, as it affects the job market, causing unemployment rates to skyrocket.
According to an article from Business Insider, the development of highly efficient machines has increased productivity and GDP during the last few decades, but the middle class and jobs are disappearing. In fact, technology has reached a tipping point where it is now destroying more jobs than it creates. Experts believed that if the trend continues the…

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