Technology Is A Fundamental Part Of My Life Essay

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Technological and innovative advancements of this era are very useful and convenient to many users that we have become highly dependent on these technology products. Some time ago; I thought that only the computer was the only indispensable tool in my home for all kinds of educational and informational activities because my kids did their homework and research on the computer without any problem; reason why it did not interest me any other technological device. I never imagine that a telephone would exchange my life completely; my husband and teenage daughter gave me a smart phone a year ago by the day of my birthday, I told them politely that I did not need any of this phone but they insisted, and told me that this type of phone would facilitate life at home and outside. I did not know how to use it so my daughter showed me their applications and taught me how to use it properly. Today the cellphone has become a fundamental part of my life. My phone is with me from dawn to dusk. I use it as an alarm to get me up and go to bed; I no longer need a traditional handwatch or wallclock. The cell phone has become my personal assistant it keeps me updated with all my family’s doctor appointments and I keep a better track of my kids activities out of school as well. With this phonebook I do not lose any of the quotes from my children and none of mine neither. Another advantage that I obtain is that I can download books on it so I do not have to carry print books any more. My purse…

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