How Do Cell Phones Affect South Korea

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The digital revolution began with the invention of personal computers and the development of the Internet. Technology evolved from a luxury item where only the rich could only afford to a common tool being used everyday. In the early 2000s increased use of smartphones had many various affects on society, which is known as the “Smart Revolution”. Smartphones now have the capabilities of basically a computer, MP3/Video Player and a majority of other forms of modern technology. Even though the use and functionality of smartphones has made daily life extremely more convenient, there has been adverse effects mainly being a dependence on cell phones.
Approximately 95% of all the nations in the world have a form of a mobile phone network. Youths
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With over 88% of South Korea’s population owns a smartphone meaning a majority of the nation has the ability to access to the Internet (CNN)(Hyun Ha, Jee). South Korea is one of the most technologically advanced nation in the world. According to Bloomberg Innovation Index, South Korea ranks 1st as the world’s most technologically innovative country meaning they are at the frontier of science and technology. Compared to South Korea, the U.S is ranked 6th and China is ranked at 22nd places. The Innovation Index includes six aspects which correlate to innovation where South Korea is ranks highest in Overall Post Secondary Education and number in patents. In a nation-wide survey conducted by the government in 2010, showed 8.0% of the entire population are addicted to Internet and more specifically 12.4% of adolescents were addicted to the Internet. In order to combat the rising dependence for the Internet, South Korean government planned to implement a “Shutdown Law” and a “Cooling Off Policy”. The Shutdown Law would refrain gamers under the age of 16 from playing online games between midnight and 6AM. Additionally, the Cooling Off policy would restrict gamers even more by forcing them to automatically taking a break for 10 minutes after 2 hours of continuous game play to be able to rest. Additionally, gamers will only be able to log-in into their game only once per 24 …show more content…
However, due to the nature of a smartphone and its ability to access the Internet, it allows other channels for people to abuse and depend on creating an addiction. The number of users in both South Korea and generally the world is constantly growing at accelerated due to the constant innovation of technology. Even though addiction and dependency can be easily obtained, the smartphone is an essential tool in society where it is able to make daily life more convenient and

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