Technology In The Dystopian World

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Dystopian World
Technology is very manipulating in the American Society today. As technology advances in the future, it could have more access and control to the citizens than it does now. There are different types of technology that is being used to make life so much easier, things that the human mind does not completely understand. Technology seems so wonderful until someone who is smart enough looks behind the scenes at what its’ purpose is really being used for. With technology having access to information that should not come into contact at all, will affect how a citizen will live. Dystopian governments’ use of technology to monitor their citizens affects an individual’s will to choose and have freedom.
From the time that technology was invented, new ideas and creations were happening by the second. The citizens liked the idea of new creations involving technology
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Technology is used for many and different scenarios, such as texting, calling, email, Facebook, etc. This is allowing people to have their own little world outside of reality, basically trapping themselves in a bubble with nothing but technology. As technology grows the government is trying to enforce more access in schools, homes, and businesses to where the world can be more “safe.” For example, in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, the society that the main character Winston Smith lives in are being watched by Telescreens (Orwell). A telescreen is a screen that resembles something like a television, but it watches every citizen’s move that they make, making sure that they are following the society’s rules and regulations just to make sure everything is “safe.” This is not safe; it limits to what citizens can do limiting their freedom and the will to choose whatever they want. The way the American Society is going, it could potentially lead to this conclusion, but it would be a long and stressful life to

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