Technology In Pokemon Go

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Suddenly, you can find everywhere in countries like Japan or America, has people who is looking at their cellphone, randomly walking to each direction. In fact, most of they are Pokemon player. Which is a game based on AR (Augmented Reality). This technology recently becomes very popular, and Pokemon Go is now a very last try of AR games.

The AR technology applied in Pokemon Go has showed the major feature of AR. Unlike video games, AR games don’t have built up maps or environments. It is a way to improve the visual of real-life.(Mudhar, 2016, B2) So in Pokemon Go, your are still doing what you do in real world. but when the application is open, it will self record the distances you have walked. Also your position will be recorded on GPS,
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They catch Pokemon every day, some of them even hang out at middle of night for catching Pokemon. It is very interesting why a game can makes people acting weirdly. There is a lot of explains, to be more scientific, first I will discuss how to explain it with psychology. “To many people It is the very first experience of AR to many people.”(D’andrea interviewed McArthur , 2016) People always get fancy on new technology. Although AR isn’t that new. But still, there isn’t a lot of application for AR before. Therefor, people will be attracted by Pokemon if they like AR. Another reason is, many people grown up with this series of Pokemon animations. (D’andrea interviewed McArthur , 2016) So when they become teenagers, even adults, and find the animation they watched has become an AR game. Maybe they will start to try this game it because of they have watched the cartoon of it when they was kids. Sometimes people desire to return to a mount at the past. It is called Nostalgia.(nostalgia, n.d.) The last reason I have found is the element of collecting. People who plays this game always having a same goal which is having all kinds of Pokemon. Professor Russell Belk, from York University in Toronto stated challenge is one of several kinds of general motivations (as cited in Chamary, 2016). So just like people who are collecting stamps or coins, they are addicted with …show more content…
And because there is large amount of player, it is very important to see what kind of influence it do. Like people’s attitude, there is positive and negative influences. For the positive side. Playing Pokemon Go can give people one more reason to do more exercises. Because of the AR function, people need to walk around to find Pokemon. For the result, Pokemon Go players come out to play games with a lot of walk and healthy nature environment. (Haelle, 2016) You can also knowing better to your city and people lives surround you. For the people who don’t play Pokemon Go with walking around, it becomes a tool to relax themselves and getting higher efficiency. It is like drawing your attention out of work a one or two minutes for a little break. But it is different compare to things like Facebook. Because you just need to catch 2 or 3 Pokemons every 15 to 20 minutes, which won’t take you more time than you thought.(Haelle,

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