Technology Has Taken Over Our School 's And Not For Educational Purposes

999 Words Oct 29th, 2016 4 Pages
Technology has taken over our school 's and not for educational purposes. Phones, tablets, laptops they have all taken over student’s time and education in our school’s systems. Growing up, technology didn’t really have a big part in our lives. When I was growing up in school besides watching some movies twice a year and overheads we didn’t really use technology it was pen and paper for us every day all the time. I love using my phone every day, am sure there’s not even an hour that passes where I don’t look at my phone. Although technology helps at certain points it shouldnt take over our education system at all Distractions are a huge problem in schools and most of the distractions are happening because of technology. Coming from a person who has a fiancé, I text almost every minute of every day to family, friends, and Her. Having students text their girlfriend/boyfriends, or best friends takes the time away from there brain soaking up the lesson that their teacher is trying to teach them. Another thing that takes a good amount of time out of a lesson is the Loading times for computers. Every grade at school classes get shorter and shorter, from being all day in one elementary class, to only 50 minutes in a college class time is precious in every measure. So while technology does help to some points, having to load them at the beginning of class and waiting for it to boot up or even having errors loading it does take time out of learning. Me personally I can’t complain…

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