The Past And Present Obstacles Of Education Essays

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The Past and Present Obstacles of Education Are today’s educational obstacles and challenges as bad as or even worse than they were in the sixties? Today’s generation of students face some if not more of the same obstacles that they did in the past. Malcolm X explains in this excerpt from his autobiography “Learning to Read and Write” that he motivated his people to gain an education and earn freedom from oppression and poor living conditions. One of the obstacles that Malcolm X faced and we still face today is a dysfunctional and poor home life. Another obstacle is the lack of guidance from our educational system. A new challenge we face in today’s society is technology. A dysfunctional and poor home life is a huge obstacle that students faced in the past and also face today. It is hard for a student to want to receive an education if their parents do not support the opportunities given to them. For example, if the parent failed to get an education, then they may discourage the student from taking any actions towards pursuing an education. Also, being a single parent could be another reason a dysfunctional home life would hinder a student from getting an education. The parent may have something come up involving their children, causing them to miss class or often times drop out of school. My mother is an example of how being a single parent can cause you to not gain the proper education. She attempted to return to college many years ago, and she could not make time for…

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