Technology Has Taken A Step Back Essays

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“Welcome ma’am,” the man moved his AK-47 to the other hand and opened the door for me as I scanned my press pass by the entrance. I slipped inside to what looked like an office room. There were at least thirty computers in the room all occupied by young men wearing white shirts and blue ties. No one even acknowledges my existence upon my entry so I stood there waiting like I was instructed.
A couple of minutes later a man in a dark blue suit emerges from the sea of white shirts and offers me a hand to shake. I return the gesture and after some formal introductions the man leads me to the back towards the East Command Center. The ECC was the room that controlled all aspects of the East Wall. This is where stone faced men monitor activity along the entirety of the 96 mile wall.
“Welcome Miss Mae to the most advanced Command Center this side of the Capital. As you know, after The Appearance of the virus, technology has taken a step back. But this wall is run by the latest and greatest in science and technology,” the man in the blue suit droned on about the wall. “We have a research lab downstairs, which is of course where the initial sample of The Cure was created, and new developments are made there everyday.”
By this time my attention was drawn to a computer screen displaying a live feed of the wall. There was no white shirt at this terminal and that was what initially caught my attention. But now I was intrigued by the flashing of gun muzzles on the screen. A small team…

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