Essay on Technology Has A Positive Influence On The Lives Of Teens

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The advent of technology in modern society has a myriad of effects, which results from many groundbreaking innovations. These innovations have been abundantly used by millions of people, many of which are teens. Handheld devices such as cellphones or portable music players make up a huge part of this technology. Desktops computers, laptops, and even tablets can also be factored into the argument of a technological increase among teens. Technological medical breakthroughs have also played an important role into the lives of teens. Cat scans, x-rays, and MRI’s can be used to diagnose illnesses, and let one know where a problem has arisen and where it can be repaired. When one factors all the innovations that have been created, and it purposes, it can be concluded that technology has had a positive influence in the lives of many teens. Cellphones play a gargantuan role in the average teenager’s life. Whether it is an Android smartphone, or an Apple IPhone, the cellphone has generated a huge interest by teens. Nearly eighty percent of teenagers have cellphone, and they are being used for an array of instances. Most cellphones have Internet capabilities, which is one of the primary reasons why they are used (Hammond). These capabilities allow it users to check emails, visit websites, and even check one’s debit card balance. The other two reasons are to call and to send text messages. The advent of the cellphone has been extremely useful in regards to communication. Teenagers…

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