Technology Devices Are A Necessary Devices Essay

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ellphone or technology devices now are a necessary devices to most people. How would you feel if you being asked to not have it in your hand? The cellphone ban is a common rule that most colleges are now using. The rule is that restricting the students use of cellphone especially by handing in cellphone while the class meeting. According to Ava Gutierrez who is a sophomore majoring in communication at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, questions why the professor was concerned about student using their cell phone while in class, why they should turn it off when the class is meeting and how it would interrupt the class? This issue has been a confliction between student rights and professor rights, and it will be demonstrated in the rest of this essay the question will be answer in the rest of this essay.
First, let’s talk about the purpose why student go to college. Most students come to class all have one purpose to accomplish the major. They all go to school to learn and to get better. However, some of them do not respect the college rule in coincident or purpose. For example, your cellphone was accidently rang while class meeting. It was bother the other student and interrupt the class. Cellphone banning was invented to prevent of the distracting of cellphone ringing while class meeting. According to Ava Gutierrez’s essay “Let’s ban the cell phone ban” indicate “Professor have a right to except that student will be attentive. But a blanket cell phone ban-imposed…

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