Essay on Technology And The World Of Technology

1190 Words Nov 9th, 2015 null Page
We have already come so far. We have come from a time where film cameras and VHS tapes were the latest items. We have very much gone above and beyond what some ever thought possible. The technology we have now surpasses what we once thought scientists could do. Technology has made it possible to communicate with loved ones from miles away, and just by a swipe of a screen. There have been so many fun items that have come from technology, such as film cameras to digital cameras. The advancements of basic computers are astonishing as well. Of course, technology has its downsides. There is an issue with losing sight of reality when it comes to technology and social media. The youth would rather look at a screen than have quality time with others. Although, we may be sucked into these devices now, there is always hope for change later on down the line. The newest cell phones are only just a speck in the world of technology. We have come so far, and done many amazing things with what we have. I see the future only turning out brighter. With the advances we have already made, I don’t see how we couldn’t keep it going. We could potentially find a way to eliminate the use of fossil fuels, and develop a new alternative energy resource. Scientists have already been working on this, and I am sure 40 to 50 years from now we will be much closer to saving the environment. It would almost be comical for me to use the phrase, “back in the day” because my age group is still considered a…

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