Technology And The Technology Landscape Essay example

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Innovation in the technology landscape has led to a world in which the creation, storage, access and dissemination of knowledge have ben completely irrevocably changed, being able to access information 24 hours a day from wherever you are in the world is now the norm, as is having access to rich online content from research papers, to multimedia content. It is important to have management information system up to date, tailored and meet the requirements of an organization. The expectations and requirements of information users will increase and the ways in which information is provided will be more diverse. Furthermore, with the rapid proliferation of devices, and the explosion of the internet of things, people will be carrying, utilizing, and depending on their devices more than ever. As part of the increased dependency, there is an increased expectation of services and personalization (Walter 2013). In the next five years we will see the market for digital content adapting their website to “mobile” ready because everyone’s shifting to mobile devices (Beverly 2014). In today’s modern digital era staying connected through apps has become one of the primary ways brands stay connected with its customers. According to Flurry analytics “86 percent of the time smartphones are in use, owners are operating mobile apps” which indicates a preference of using apps over internet browsing. In the coming years many digital companies will be adapting their brands, launching apps to…

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