Technology And The Robotic Cell Essay

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Industrial robotics are quasi-intelligent machines that increase production rates, efficiency, quality, and safety in all aspects of manufacturing and assembly. They have the ability to pick up single or multiple objects and place them anywhere within their reach, weld simple and complex parts together, and use sensors to inspect material or parts at any point in the manufacturing process. Although robotic arms and automation are a newer technology, both are taking the manufacturing industry by storm. Unskilled laborers are being replaced with safer and more reliable robots. A robotic machining cell containing one or two robotic arms and a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) mill can replace the workers who move the material, machine it, and send it down the line. This robotic cell can run 24 hours a day and seven days a week with much less down time. Robots do not need breaks, lunches, vacations, retirement plans, pensions, or unions to manufacture a high-quality product. However, this comes with backlash from labor unions and community activists. The robotic cell mentioned could be replicated and take hundreds of jobs with a few days of installation. This is no match for the outstanding benefits that come with installing even a single robotic cell. Furthering the integration of industrial robotics into manufacturing will kick start the Second Industrial Revolution and launch mankind into a new age of prosperity.
Industrial robots make the workplace safer by allowing workers…

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