Essay Technology And Modern Electronic Device

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PLEASE NOTE: We are referring to technology in a less-general way (or in a modern sense). So when we say we are staying away from technology, we mean: computers phones, music players, TVs, smart watches, etc. NOT: Vehicles(cars, buses etc.), microwaves, lamps, toilets, clocks, etc. TL;DR: When we say technology we mean any digital/modern electronic device.

Introduction and Background to the Research
The topic our group chose was the influence of technology among youth, specifically among adolescents. This was a topic that really related to our group, since all of us very frequently use our devices (more specifically our beloved personal computers) in our daily lives for gaming, streaming, Facebook, and many other tasks. Of course, technology plays a huge part in everybody’s lives since we use it for everything from entertainment to schoolwork. We also use it to communicate with others and keep up-to-date with what’s going on in the world, so to put it simply: technology makes all of life much easier. Our group wanted to research how much technology really influences us (an average group of adolescents) in our daily lives, so what better way to measure the impact than completely disconnecting from our tech-filled lives. Our group thought that this research would be very interesting because we’re complete masochists we thought this would give us an informative and accurate insight on how much we really do need technology in our lives, since we will be the…

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