Essay on Technology And Its Impact On Our Lives

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Technology has morphed into a major component for nearly every North American’s life. There are many positive prospects that will benefit this nation’s education system, businesses, and health care, but different elements of this tool have transformed into a hindrance. With minimal restrictions on usage information, social media, and breaking news are constantly pouring into our atmosphere. No matter the economical class, race, or social status there are plenty of types of technology for anybody in our revolutionary country. Apprehending the potential influence of applied science is essential in order to interpret the specific way that technology is impacting our lives. Electronics have developed into a major time consumption in our life and a plan to minimize the usage needs to be constructed.
Without any of the repercussions in mind I choose to use extreme types of technology without even considering the effects of my actions. Every day, in the morning, I clutch my phone and my fingers glide across my phone as they hunt for any crucial notifications before slamming down on the snooze button. The radio blares as the car engine comes to life and the two minute trek to school is made. Upon entering the classroom and only moments after the bell chimes is the exact time that I briskly log into the electronic tool that I use for four of my five classes. After the school day has concluded I sprawl onto the recliner and grasp the TV remote that permits a moment or two of…

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