Effects Of Technology On Culture

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The first thing I see when I open my eyes every morning is my phone, to know what the time is. I cannot live without my phone because it helps me through the day. For example, it wakes me up for school, lets me know the right direction, and helps me to translate easily, also helps me when I want to cook. How much the technology has effectively in our lives today? It has more of the benefits in our life. It makes the life amazing and easy with different ways. For example, we can make friends easier. Also, if you study far away from your family you can communicate easier with Skype or face time. Also, Snapchat gives us the opportunity to know a lot of culture around the world in amazing ways. On the other hand, Facebook is the first reason that …show more content…
First, Food industry had developed companies ' services through using the modern of technology to give people different savor. They are competing to offer the best types of healthy foods for people. The modern technology made easier way to help companies follow the international instruction system for foods. Many companies work hard to get the best raw material to improve their food, so they try to put less harmful chemicals in their products (Emerson, n.d.). This explains, technology has a strong effect of food. People today eat the same food, even though they belong to a different culture such as, China food, Arabic food, or American food. Technology gives the food more of the benefits. It makes food easy to cook and healthy by using a good raw material. On the other hand, many culture 's interest the faction modern for clothes that led to the attention of traders in the development of sewing machines. According to (World March of Women, 2000) technology played a major role in modern clothes and sell them retail industry and the development of the finest types of fabrics. Also, traders were not confined to selling models in stores only, they used the Internet to offer new varieties of model online in less expensive. This mine, how use technology in his work, it is requirement has a lot of money, that 's why, large companies were able to develop their products to the detriment of small companies, which led to competition for goods sold. Also, technology affects in person 's clothes such as, everywhere we go, and we can see people wearing jeans. This has become a global culture. Today, we can shop on any- where around the world thought the Internet. The companies give people the best service in the

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