Essay about Technology And Its Effect On Society

851 Words Jun 26th, 2016 4 Pages
In a highly developed country, technology can be all around us, but one day it “seemed” like technology was taking over. A man who is running and yelling all throughout the cities states that technology is ruining his family and now they were after him to have dominion over his mind, but is this really happening or is he over-reacting? This is how many who oppose technology seem to view technology’s use. When people make big accusations against technology it can be a big blow to a lot of people, especially towards those who use the innovative use of technology to invent and ship goods and supplies for other countries to use and to assist the increasing demand of our society. “According to Internet Live Stats, “40% of the world’s population has an internet connection today. In 1995, it was less than 1% and almost 4 billion people around the world are internet users”. So technology and the many benefits it brings to the 40%+ of the world can be drastically endangered if we were to take all these advantages away. Many people who oppose technology has said that its influence has made teens become more distant and ignorant. In “Does texting affect writing?”, some people have concluded that using textspeak is actually hindering the writing abilities of students (362), but according to the facts stated by Sherry Turkle, technology has provided students with motivation to write, training in specific writing skills, increasing the involvement of students’ creativity, developing their…

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