Technology And Its Effect On Society Essay example

1436 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
Technology is starting to rule over the world, especially with cellphones. Nowadays technology is so advanced that it’s taking away what truly matters in life. Although technology is very important to our society, it can hurt various aspects of our lives. People are so wrapped up and addicted to all the new cellular technology that they forget about their responsibilities. Technology has influenced various aspects of life, especially with the interaction we have with each other. Although technology makes the world faster, it causes issues within relationships and families. Technology is everywhere and anywhere, from phones to computers to television, etc. With all these cellular devices, it leads me to talk about how cellphones causes lack of communication, can lead to cyberbullying, and can be time consuming.
The first area where lack of communication occurs is within the family. There isn’t that interaction and bond within families anymore because everyone is so glued to their phones. According to an article in Tips for Helping Patients Thrive in A Digital Age, “Then there’s the impact of media on family dynamics, the fact that so many parents are glued to their devices as opposed to paying attention to their kid” (Brunk). No one is actually communicating with each other, instead they’re just texting one another. It’s hard to tell how the person is actually feeling or if they’re being honest through a text message, and because of that trust issues start to build up within…

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