Technology And Its Effect On Society Essay

1427 Words Nov 30th, 2016 6 Pages
Zombies in today’s society are recognized as slow, dead, flesh eating creatures that take over the world, such as in The Walking Dead. When zombies come to mind, people think of apocalypse, destruction, and end of the world or humanity. Overtime, the concept of zombies is changing, so is people’s concept of technology. Technology is controlling people’s lives, just like zombies might take over the world someday. For example, when a group of people go out for dinner, they do not socialize with each other, but instead they look down on their devices. People are so attached to these gadgets, such as smartphones, tablets, and other devices that it excludes them from the world. With all these apps, they make social media become a priority where they do not focus on what is happening or important. The modern zombie represents people’s addiction to technology because it symbolizes a contagion making them more advance and mindless.
One thing zombies and humans addiction to technology have in common is, contagion. Contagion is where deadly disease is pass to one another by contact. A fiction example is from the TV series, Containment, where a disease breaks out in the city of Atlanta and kills whoever comes in contact with an infected person, but does not become zombies. A zombie contagion in which most people know today is in The Walking Dead, where someone becomes part of the dead if a walker bites them, which justifies the meaning of contagion. In the real world, where a contagion…

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