Essay Technology Affecting Human Resources Management

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Human Resources Management is an area that is constantly growing and changing to meet the new demands and challenges of a forever-evolving work force. What was once labeled "personnel" and associated with a reputation for being highly administrative and dealing solely with lots of paperwork, the field has transformed itself into the strategic entity it is today. The changes, however, haven't stopped there. While bringing both pros and cons along with it, technology has spearheaded into the forefront of human resources management.

* Technology Affecting Human Resources Management
Technological advancements have improved the ways we communicate, revolutionized how we learn, and expanded our capabilities. Whether it is the invention of a
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During one exercise, they were shown three video clips relating to customer service scenarios. After viewing all three, they would be asked to select the video clip that they felt depicted the best customer service skills (Thornsburg 76).
At the same time, in a separate room the responses of each applicant were being printed and gauged. After they were done taking the test on the computer, each applicant would receive a personal interview. Nike values the use of human-to-human interviews and sees computer-assisted interviewing as a way to make them more effective and less time intensive, not obsolete (Thornsburg 78).
* The Benefits Of Using Computer-Assisted Interviewing
Many benefits exist to using these computer-assisted interviewing technologies. Time that would have previously been spent weeding out the good applicants from the bad one can now be redirected towards increased strategic planning (LeTart 34). Turnover, as well, has been shown to decrease significantly when computer-assisted interviewing is implemented. As a result of Nike's endeavors, they managed to reduce turnover in their retail division by 21 percent in just two years (Thornsburg 78).
Aside from reducing turnover costs, the reports that these programs print out help structure the personal interview better (Thornsburg 77). By going into the interview knowing about the applicant and having some assessment of their strengths and weaknesses beforehand, the

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