Essay on Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

964 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
Teamwork makes the dream work. This classic quote proved itself to be true for our group’s facilitation of the Unit 4 discussion. By using the group chat room, our minds were able to collide and generate great ideas surrounding one’s interpersonal needs within a group.
Our group consisted of Gabrielle Johnson, Brandy Monetgomery, Tara Boswell, Braydon Weaver, and I. Each of us equally contributed to the unit’s board, which led to a successful discussion for the class. This assignment will be an evaluation of these four other group members, and will include myself. The evaluation will be guided by the four categories of knowledge, skill, motivation, and interpersonal. To begin, let’s start with Gabrielle.
Gabrielle has been a great team member since our first group project. Her knowledge of the topic showed through her responses to other classmates. By responding to everyone, it seemed bring energy to our groups’ question. She was not present for some of our topic brainstorming, but that absence was made up for through her response effort.
Each of those responses highlighted her writing skills, tremendously. By asking great questions, and commenting on every aspect of our classmate’s posts, she really helped fuel the discussion. Such effort proved her intrinsic motivation was not lacking.
Interpersonal skills, along with such motivation, are vital in this world. Gabrielle was able to exercise both of these facets through this project. All of her…

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