Essay on Team Strategy and Conflict Management Plans

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Team Strategy and Conflict Management Plans
Kimberly Faagata, Carrie Firman, Dan Lyle, Stephen Nelson, and Dera Tennelle
MGT 311
June 10, 2013
Penny Thomas

Part I
The purpose of this paper is to discuss different strategies for team building which helps is overcoming conflicts in a working environment. Based on current strategies available on subject, it tries to figure out some leading challenges to addressed, and extracting the best strategy for team building. It covers analysis of factors and measures for building up a successful team, which serves as a common ground for a progress in evaluation of best strategy for the particular purpose.
Every organizational environment has teams, which refer to different
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316-318). Each of these teams involves employees coming together to complete a task. However, each type of team has its differences. Problem-solving teams come together to share ideas or suggest how processes and methods can be improved and self-managed teams are employees that are interdependent and take on many of the supervisors responsibilities. Virtual teams are probably the most difficult teams to work with because technology is used to unite employees in different areas. The most efficient type of team and probably the best strategic team is the cross-functional team. Cross-functional teams take employees from different work areas and bring them together to complete a task. This allows insight from employees with different work experiences to be collaborated into one unit, so all of the employees can work together efficiently.
Measures Used to Determine a Successful Team
American Industrialist, Henry Ford, once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success (Success, 2013).” This quote is an explanation of what makes a team successful. Working together has a team and bringing the different aspects of the job together tends to lead to a most effective way of working. A team as a whole is more productive and more effective than one individual effort. The measures use to

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