Essay on Team Performance During Camp At Fairthorne Manor

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Theories surrounding the model of leadership have been one of the most significant areas of interest within the field of management. When it comes to the theory of management, Adairs Action-Centered Leadership Model (1973) was recognized as one of the iconic models, which provided a clear scheme for leadership, teamwork and management and can easily be adopted universally. The model was generally presented by three overlapping circles. Each circle clarified an essential aspect including task, team and individual. It delivered the idea that the content leaders or managers should have the ability to obligate all three main aspects of the Action-Centered Leadership model. The accentuation on each circle can be various and depend much on the given situation (Adair, 1973). This essay critically discuses and analyzes several numbers of events relating team performance during camp at Fairthorne Manor within the framework of John Adair diagram and illustrates the development of team members association to those conducts.

One of the outstanding events that can be use to demonstrate the framework of Action-Centered leadership is the assignment which directed the team to go and investigate a crime. The given task was shared among the members of the team before we were introduced to the model and clear flows could be found within the body of 3 circles. When the brief was read out, the task was interpreted differently by all members due to their own perceptions and there was no clear…

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