Team Management And Project Control Essay

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Team Management and Project Control
Project managers have a number of important job responsibilities; some of which have competing priorities. Good project managers are able to understand the importance of team development and the factors that influence a successful team outcome as well as being able to give the proper attention to controlling the project 's schedule and costs. Gray and Larson (2014) notes that project managers have a significant role in developing high-performance teams...and "evaluation and control are part of every project manager 's job" (p. 457). The following will provide information to the reader on team development and the situational factors which influence a team 's success as well as examples of how project managers can control project schedules and their costs in order to deliver a successful project conclusion.
Team Development
As we have learned, having a well functioning, cohesive team is critical for project success. Therefore it is important for project managers to not take team development for granted. One should understand the stages of development and help guide their teams through each transitional stage/phase by strong leadership. Human Resource Management International Digest (2003), a leader 's role is to motivate team members and to help develop and sustain unity. There are two distinct team development models which Gray and Larson (2014) describe as the five-stage model and the punctuated equilibrium model. Each model demonstrates…

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