Teaching Styles And Strategies For Children Essay

700 Words May 22nd, 2016 3 Pages
I did my placement in a mainstream, primary school at Mulberry Bush school and it was located in High Wycombe. I worked in a year four class where the children were aged eight years old. The children I worked with were from mixed cultures and different ethnicity. For example, majority of the children in the class were from Asian background, there were few children from White and Black background. The job role I had in this school was a teaching assistant and I had to carry out tasks like handing out children 's books, giving out stickers to the children who made an effort to participate in the class and filing the children 's homework in their folders. Also during lesson time I had to support few children who needed the extra help. For example, I would sit next to them, explain them the task if they don 't understand it and I would support them in completing the task. In this assignment I will be focusing on the teaching styles and the strategies that were used to motivate children to learn at this placement. I will be evaluating these strategies by stating whether they are good or bad and if they help the children or not. Also I will see whether the knowledge I gained in lectures at my university link to professional education institutions. For example, I will try to see that the learning theories I have learnt in my lectures whether they support the strategies the teacher used in her classroom. Finally, I will offer my conclusion.
In my placement there were few strategies…

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