Teaching Style: Teaching Styles Of Teaching In The Classroom

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Teaching Style
Teaching Style had been passed down centuries ago, the teaching styles evolves tremendously. Teacher centered learning is the old way of teaching where teachers are more in control and students’ ideas are denied. With this teaching style student cannot learn about himself, student will have low esteem and they do not have an effort to do things by their own. This style of teaching is the way Sister Aloysius teach. There is another teaching style which is effective, it is the student centered learning, that makes the student teach and interact with teacher. Teacher are more lenient and let the student give their opinion. Teacher roles is to be a mentor and check where they are strong. It makes the student more interested on the
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In the parable “Doubt” by John Patrick Shanley stated “Sister Aloysius: These three students with the highest marks. Are they the most intelligent children in your class? Sister James: No, I wouldn’t say they are. But they work the hardest” (1470). Not all highest marks, are the most intelligent student. Some of them just work hard and study a lot. Because if a teacher makes the class fun, it is not boring. The students and the teacher share their opinion. Instead of listening to the teacher, teaches and students interact equally. That makes the student more comfortable going to school. By grouping them to work together is encouraged, and the student learn to other student to collaborate and communicate. They will learn more by doing this and it will increase their self esteem to participate on any class activities. The students in Sister James classroom are hard working but not intelligent person. The reason why the students are hard working is because of how Sister James teaching style. They learn important collaborative and communicative skills through student group work. They learn more by their own learning, they can ask question and complete their work by themselves. This happens because they are interested in learning activities and classroom learning because of the interaction with the teacher and other …show more content…
In the parable “Doubt” by John Patrick Shanley stated “Sister Aloysius: Use … It is society which requires constant educational, spiritual and human vigilance. I cannot afford an excessively innocent instructor in my eight grade class. It’s self indulgent and innocence is a form of laziness. Innocent teachers are easily duped and teacher must be Canny, Sister James” (1471). When Sister Aloysius told this to Sister James about her teaching style, all of them are true. When teacher are using student centered learning style, students tend to feel more comfortable, and sometime they fool around. With this learning style the class will always be often noisy, busy and sometimes chaotic. It is hard to manage the class when doing activities at once, and some students are working different project. This is why Sister James are being Innocent and without any experience makes her vulnerable. Because of this teacher can not deliver the information to all of the student and some of the student may miss some important information on the lecture. Some students are forced to work with a groups and they do not like it because they wanted to work alone. Maybe Sister James and Father Flynn teaching styles makes the student be themselves and express their opinion and some other students take advantage of that opportunity, and make the best of it by taking

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