Teaching Students About Sound Waves And The Ear Drum Essay

969 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
Unfortunately, I was unable to observe a science lesson at my field placement because at the time science wasn’t taught. Instead I evaluated a science lesson form You-Tube for first grade. In the lesson, students learned about the beginning stage of a sound wave. The teacher mainly focused on the eardrum. Students learned through questioning, experimentation, and class discussions. After reviewing the lesson, I have concluded that I think it is effective in teaching students about sound waves and the ear drum.
The lesson provided a great opportunity for students to be involved in a hands-on experiment in which students make their own model of an ear drum. They have to work cooperatively with their peers and follow directions in order to make an accurate ear drum. Students responded very well throughout the entire lesson. They were actively engaged during the class discussions posing and answering questions on their own. This lesson followed the process of inquiry- based learning using various instructional strategies. It involved the use of the five E instructional model that progresses through five phases that begin with the letter “E”. This attribute allowed the lesson to be more effective in her students learning.
Since this lesson is very successful there are numerous pros that are apparent. One pro is the use of Inquiry-based components. Inquiry is the basic building block for science education for elementary schools. The teacher was able to motivate her children and…

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