Fun Reading Survey Essay

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Getting to know my students and for determining a book to read aloud, I asked my students complete a reader’s survey. This study includes seventeen questions and one fun-coloring part with questions. I had a group of five, third graders students. While looking at the results, I have found that students answered some same areas of interest and some parts not. For example, it lists the types of books where students marked the same areas of interest (three out of five students like folktales, mystery, adventure, animal stories). There are other areas with common interests, for example, few students like science, art and music subjects. To better understand my students’ interests, after I reviewed their answers, I interview them with the more …show more content…
They all at once was trying to tell me all (answer: hearing, sight, taste, touch and smell). I explained that today we will read a book about Deaf boy and how he is communicating. Then does anyone know and can explain what means a deaf person. All of them said that it is the person who can’t hear. Then I asked the students to take their hand and put it gently on the front of their throat and say:“Aaah.” Then I was interested if they feel anything and one girl stated that she felt the vibration. Then I explained, that what they felt in their hand was the vibration made by the sound of their voice. Then I guided them “ How to read the arrows and symbols” from the first page. Besides, each page of the book has a picture of the Moses who shows how to use sign language. Besides the music, the aim of this read aloud was to describe the sense of hearing and how it helps people learn about their world. During the read aloud I asked my students questions, and they were engaged in

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