Teaching Skills : The Learning Of Identifying And Matching Common Attributes By Providing Children With Diverse Experiences

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During my work with children, we frequently engage in games such as Dominos, Uno, Picture Bingo and Memory. The mathematical thinking process of matching is found in these games (Yelland, Butler & Diezmann, 1999, p. 10). The cognitive behaviour of matching is also evident during everyday tasks I encourage children to participate in. For example, after an elaborate game of driving cars through a block city, everything is packed away into its respective place, cars in one box and blocks in another. I aim to mediate the transcendent learning of identifying and matching common attributes by providing children with diverse experiences to develop an understanding of this process. Repeating the same cognitive behaviour in a variety of contexts facilitates transcendence by teaching children the important skill of applying a learned process in a different scenario (Ben-Hur, 1998, p. 665). Mediated learning of the teaching skill matching requires several opportunities for children to pair or group objects by attribute to decontextualize the thinking behaviour from its content. These examples demonstrate my capacity to mediate learning experiences using teaching behaviours associated with meaning and transcendence such as, “selecting a variety of instructional content in accordance with transcendent cognitive developmental goals… (and) repeating concepts in their different applications” (Ben-Hur, 1998, p. 666). Meaningful authentic experiences facilitate the transfer of learning.…

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