Teaching Of Asian Teachers Without Applying Western Teaching Standards

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there are examples can be found that effective teaching of Asian teachers without applying Western teaching standards (Holiday, 1994). Phillipson (1992) made a comparison of native and non-native teachers of English and he pointed out that native-speaking teacher is not better than none-native speaker naturally. He furthered the study and worked with Pennycook (1994) to rebut the saying that Western teaching methods is universal and can be applied to any settings. They found that the ‘advanced’ teaching pedagogy in Western countries causes problems of ethics. This kind of English language teaching pedagogy neglect the cultural background of learners and teachers. It is true that there are some disadvantages of Asian teaching pedagogy, but one can never say that Western style is better and can be applied to every context. As a matter of fact, no teaching method can be announced that it is advanced than others. Because, every method has its own benefit. Likewise, Asian student should not be seen as passive learner because they do not volunteering in class.

Inner Circle often provides the target models of language as well as methodology models for teaching. Although there is ‘pedagogical imperialism’ (Mckay, 2002) of Inner Circle, dependency of Outer and Expanding Circle countries has been gaining with the spread of CLT. And there is no question that it will become an equally important factor in EIL development. The history of ELT is usually described as the development of…

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