Teaching Is An Effective Teacher Essay

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The young and thriving minds of students can easily be misshapen, but someone has the chance to create them into intelligent and inquisitive individuals. I want to be that 'someone ' for students and I believe that teaching is the only way possible for me to do that. I want to give students not only knowledge, but also lessons that they can live by in the world outside of school. To be an effective teacher for my students, I have to teach in a way that suits their learning styles and knowing their intelligences based on Gardener 's theory can help me achieve that. Knowing this about my students guides me in choosing my methods of teaching and also allows me to use a variety of different learning styles to suit the individual needs of my students. I also want to make my students active participants in their own learning experience as well. By actively participating in their own learning process, my students are able to become aware of what makes them better thinkers and learners. As a teacher, I function as the encourager, model, evaluator, facilitator, organizer and much more. With these roles, I plan on getting to know my students on a personal level by finding out about how they best learn, knowing what occurs in their homes, and finding out ways to garner more respect and rapport with my students, and much more. As a teacher, I want to be sensitive to the students need and take time to understand what motivated by students. I will easily gain knowledge about…

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