Essay on Teaching English During The Classroom

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This is one of the most used sentences in the classroom when teachers ask students to study a little bit more. I am not here to simply discuss about your priorities, so I would like to show you several funny, easy, and efficient ways to practice and learn English during the day.
Most students think that in order to practice English, they are supposed to stop doing whatever they’re doing, get their school 's book, and start reading it for hours. I am not saying that method is wrong, but it is traditional, unattractive, and a boring studying method.
When you start studying in a language school, you already have your responsibilities, right? For example, you must do all of your homework, go to school regularly, ask all the questions you have to the teacher, etc. This means that even if you don 't like it, you are going to learn a lot of words, verbs, vocabulary, and grammar (mostly). But learning is not enough. You don 't want to just know English –you want to speak English and do it correctly. That 's why you should practice more instead of studying it hard every day.
There is an important tip that you should understand to improve your language skills. A lot of people say that if you want to learn English fast, you should live in the USA for some months. The reasoning for that is: even if you know nothing about the language, you will eventually learn it to survive. However, not every person has this opportunity. For those of you who are not in a country where English is the…

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