Teaching An Accounting Course At High School Essay

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Some teachers from high school were not capable of creating an atmosphere that was memorable. Most high school classes do not shape career plans or provide intellectual awareness. However, great teachers are capable of creating an environment where the information provided is beneficial and memorable. Great teachers work endlessly to provide a challenging class for their students. During my high school career, one teacher that created a successful and rewarding class was Mrs. Kaelber, who taught the accounting course at my high school. Her ability to provide the most influential class was incredible because accounting is a difficult course to teach, especially to high school students. Therefore, certain characteristics are crucial for teachers to have to provide the best surroundings. Teaching an accounting course in high school involves character tics that adapt the students to the material as much as possible. Mrs. Kaelber’s will always be identified as a teacher who is caring, demanding and successful.

Teachers who are caring create a relationship with their students that are like no other. When teachers are deemed approachable it makes the class more successful because students are able to create a middle ground between the class and themselves. Moreover, Mrs. Kaelber always cared about her students’ well being. As a senior in high school, there were lots of decisions to make such as finding a college to attend to. Being the first person to go to a four-year…

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