Teaching Adults : Adult Education Site Essay

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Teaching Adults: Adult Education Site
Visits and Reflection I conducted site visits at four locations that provide education to adults in Southern Maryland. The sites were an Adult Basic Education class, a health promotions center, a workplace education division of a major employer, and a corporate education entity that is an accredited provider of continuing education for acquisition professionals. While at the adult basic education class, I was also able to observe an English for speakers of other languages course. At each site, I was able to sit down with the director, program manager or academic dean for discussion after observing the classes. Adult Basic Education To locate an Adult Basic Education class, I accessed the State of Maryland’s Department of Labor website, which directed me to the local programs. The program I visited was a new offering, only in operation since 2015. The program funding is provided, in part, from an educational grant. Adult Basic Education class was conducted at a local public high school, utilizing the same classroom that secondary school students use during the day. The classroom was easy to locate, with signage providing direction and a staff member at the high school’s front entrance. In addition to the regular classroom, the class used a computer lab for a part of the instructional period. The primary purpose of the class was preparing students for the General Education Development (GED) test. The class was small, with…

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