Essay on Teaching A Grade Five Classroom

1691 Words Nov 8th, 2016 7 Pages
As students, education is such an important phase in the developmental process. You begin with the basics, and eventually move on to more complicated forms of learning. For instance, as a baby you learn to walk, then crawl which is human instinct. But as you grow learning becomes more and more complicated. An important factor to learning is a teacher, and a teacher does not necessarily need to have the qualifications, for example most of your life as a baby, your parents teach you with intentions that you grow to be smart, responsible and able to make good decisions. While a classroom teacher may give students the proper education to be able to find a career that they love. This essay will provide firsthand information on the teacher Sandra Singh based on my interview with her. It will describe her pathways to becoming a teacher, her experiences in the classroom and what makes her different from other teachers. I interviewed a teacher name Sandra Singh, prior to teaching a grade five classroom, she was a child and youth worker in a catholic high school. Sandra and I decided to have our interview at her current school after school hours when all the students where home. I addressed her as Mrs. Singh but she told me to call her by her first name which was Sandra. The halls in the school where empty with the occasional teacher and janitor that passed by, so we left the door open. When I walked in I noticed plenty of books, and was curious to find out how she incorporates…

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