Teachers Work Hard For Little Pay Essay

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Teachers work hard for little pay
Why are teachers getting paid less than other professions? Studies have shown that in the last couple of years teachers pay has fallen behind other profession by 13%. People often hear teachers say “you don 't go into teaching for the pay,” but why do teachers have to say this? Teachers have high pressure jobs, with many futures at stake from relying on their success. Failure to perform weakens their future, but more on their minds has the potential to cripple a generation of learners that must become the next leaders and business owners. Teachers have influenced all of us at one point in our lives. Whether or not a student has a good or bad teacher can affect how well they learn the subject. This affects the choices and fields in which students are led to. Despite the fact that taxpayers are against raising teachers salaries, teachers influence also extends to those taxpayers that think they are beyond a teacher’s reach. Teachers educate those that will take care of those taxpayers who oppose the raise in pay in future years and affect the economy of our nation. The pressure on teachers is raising with higher standards and increased testing pressuring their performance in the classroom. However, the pay is noticeably so low that not only is incentive affected but the time that teachers have to focus on their profession is decreased as many are forced to seek outside employment to make ends meet. Despite the fact that taxpayers are…

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