Teachers Should Have The Right To Talk For Teachers Essay

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Teachers should have the right to talk about their students

When people have a rough day, and they just want to express their feelings. There are many ways for people to express their feelings, they express through words or action. But out of the two, words are the best way to express peoples ' feelings, because the other way might end up hurting someone or themselves. When I said the words the best way to express the feeling I’m not talking about cursing or yelling, I’m talking about talking it out. But there is many of talking it out as well. People can talk it out thru media, share with friends or family. Every day, there is always someone in are talking about their jobs through the media or to their family or friends, after having a
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It does not matter rather the teachers are standing in front of a classroom teaching your children or not, they should still have entitle to their freedom of speech and self-expression. Reason why I agree with the author about this statement, is it because the teacher are same as everyone else, they have feeling just like anyone else. Therefore, they should allow to write on their blog about whatever they want just like anyone else, and does not matter what position of job they have. I’m sure there are many students talk about their teachers on their blog too, if students can express their feeling about their teacher, why can’t the teachers express their feeling about their students? In this generation, young kids are getting worst but the main problem is the parents. Because of parents are over protecting or spoiling their children. Young kids in school in this generation would talk back to their teacher, ignore what their teacher said or even try to fight their teacher. But what we don’t know is that parent would protect their kids and try to sue or get the teacher in trouble even though they know their kid did the wrong thing. In personal experience, I have seen my class mate being rude to the …show more content…
The author wonder if the administration prefers Munroe to take out her frustration by lashing out of her students in the class? And the author also thinks that the school would simply prefer Munroe to keep her mouth shut instead of saying anything. Reason why I agree about this statement is because is it not professional for the teachers to express anger inside the classroom, and there is got to have another way for the teachers to express their feeling is by talking it out with their friends or family. The school shouldn’t want the teachers to be quiet about their frustration because the teacher will have many harmful effects for holding in anger. For example. A teacher could just blow up one day and just beat their students up. And that is not what the school want, it is not only the teacher to get in trouble the school is probably getting in trouble as well. For a personal experience why I think venting outside of the classroom is much better is because one day while in class, there was a student was reading a book that is outside of the class. And the teacher just lost control and took the book from the classmate and rip it apart and throw it in the trash can. Then pick the student up out of his chair and push him to

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