Teacher Relationship And The Effects On Students Essay

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Teacher relationship and the effects on students At a young age, children are molded by the adults around them, shaping how they socially develop and their cognitive development. Once the child is at a school age, the most important adult around them beside family is their teacher. Thus the teacher-student relationship is formed and it must be a positive atmosphere to ensure the child to grow mentally and emotionally. Student-teacher relationships are studied and is found to have a correlation with the child’s social development, their cognitive development, and the child’s academic success. Research long proposed as well as current research have been demonstrating that the child is needed to form a positive bond with their teacher in order to develop in certain aspects. This positive bond created will help the child to create relationships easier, have higher self-esteem and will impact how they treat others around them. Cognitive development is demonstrated to have a strong correlation to teacher-student relationship. Positive relationship is also noted to have an impact on a child’s cognitive development. The relationship increases their self-esteem and thus boosting their level of motivation. The child’s motivation increases and their want and need to strive for academic success increases due to the positive relationship created.
Theme 1 (social development) Teacher-student bond helps encourage the student to explore the classroom and the social setting. Due to the…

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