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Student-Teacher Relationships Create Positive Learning Environments
When it comes to the topic of education, most of us will readily agree that a positive connection with a teacher is an essential part of learning and growing as a student. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of will positive student-teacher relationships improve student behavior? While administrators are convinced that strict discipline is the only answer for classrooms, psychologists believe that positive relationships between the student and teacher are enough to do the trick. It has been proven that positive student-teacher relationships thrive better in lenient classrooms. I believe that a positive, helping environment is the best for academic
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Whether it be allowing students to stay in their classroom after school to catch up on homework, or just being someone to talk to when the school year got tough. Bridget Hamre, an author for the National Association of School Psychologists, states that “forming strong and supportive relationships with teachers allows students to feel safer and more secure in the school setting, feel more competent, make more positive connections with peers, and make greater academic gains”. Hamre believes that positive relationships have a very strong impact on academic success, whereas negative relationships cause students to develop a jaundiced outlook on …show more content…
Positive relationships result in higher academic success, increased student involvement and better attendance rates. Those unfamiliar with this school of thought may be interested to know that it basically boils down to the impact a teacher has on a student. If a teacher has a negative impact on a student it may discourage them from exerting themselves, or even attending school. For students and teachers, behavior can have a large impact on learning. Discipline is essential schoolwide to help shape a successful learning environment for all students. All teachers have different teaching methods and different discipline methods, but one thing they should all have in common is their goal of student success. Student and teacher relationships have been proven to produce successful students. I believe that students who have or had a positive relationship with a teacher gained a support system and mentor as well. Ultimately, what is at stake here is the future of high school students. Students need to have a drive for success, however, they may not be able to find that drive until a teacher uncovers it for them. Positive student-teacher relationships help to create a strong connection that has a similar goal of academic

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