The Criteria For Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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In the role of the teacher I would express my concern for the betterment of Eric by explaining to his parents the problems I’m having with their son during class for the past few months. I would say something along the lines of:
Hello Mr. and Mrs. Escobar. I would like to thank you for coming to parent-teacher night. On the subject of Eric, I have some concerns. He is very bright and creative; however, he doses prove to be a distraction in class, not only to other children but to himself. Eric is a very social child but it does sometime get in the productivity of the class. He tends to talk excessively during quiet time and during class discussion. He tries to avoids harder class work by disrupting other kids and sometimes getting up and
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Telling Mr. and Mrs. Escobar that their son has ADHD must be dose delicately but sternly so they grasp the situation in its entirety. It should be done with explaining the test used and their results. I would point to Eric’s family that he meets the diagnostic criterion for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. I would say “he displays several symptoms of ADHD. He is unable to properly attend to details, or frequently makes careless errors, he ran around during the test, he was not able to pay attention unless he had something to fiddle with. He was also easily distracted and often talked over me while giving directions”. There may be some biological factors that caused Eric’s ADHD. People with ADHD tend to have largely abnormal activity of the neurotransmitter dopamine and abnormalities in the striatal region of the brain. However, the disorder has been linked to family dysfunction and stress. With that said, if Eric’s family life is stable, Eric’s parents have no reasons to feel guilty. I would suggest that Eric dose psychotherapy first before medication because he may not need the medication after psychotherapy. All so, Eric is only 7 and his parent may not feel comfortable giving him a hard drug that can lead to long-term side effects, such as, methylphenidate. I would then give Mr. and Mrs. Escobar information on both, psychotherapy and medications to let them choose what is the best for their

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