Tattoos And Piercing The Body Essay

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To modify, or not to modify? That is the question. Whether tis’ noble to inject the skin with ink and pierce the body with metals, or whether tis’ nobler to conform to society, avoiding the slings and arrows of this world’s subjectivity. There is a dissent between those in favor of tattooing and piercing the body, and those who oppose the idea of tattooing and piercing the body. Proponents of tattoos and piercings confer that modifying the body in these ways are symbolic and the essence of expressionism, while opponents counter those ideas with a belief that tattoos and piercings are harmful and have no purpose in a professional setting. People get tattoos for many different reasons, and most of them stem from a personal perspective. For many, tattoos are purposeful and symbolize an obstacle that the person tattooed had overcome. For instance, a father may have a tattoo of his child’s initials. Someone might have a tattoo of a ribbon, symbolizing the loss of their grandparent to cancer. In these cases it is a physical representation of someone’s life experiences. “Decorating the human body has been popular throughout history and in both tribal and civilized cultures. Some tribal cultures use tattooing and piercings as a symbol of marriage or religious significance. For many people, tattoos are a reminder of a person or event, and for others, they are merely decoration.” ( Regardless of the personal relation to the tattoos, it is definite…

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